Compendium of Posts

A compendium of posts in some kind of order

The (Really) Ancient Earth Series

Deals mainly with Precambrian geology

Ancient earth. 1 A time-line for the first 4 billion years

Ancient earth. 2 How old is it?

Ancient earth. 3 The air we breath; how our atmosphere evolved

The Ancient Earth: 4. Water – Oceans of the stuff

The Ancient Earth 5. Life and all that… Where, How, When? Part 1

The Ancient Earth 6. Life and all that… Part 2

The Ancient Earth 7. The Art of the Stromatolite

The Shunga Event; did a Precambrian mass extinction give rise to an ancient supergiant oil field?

Extreme living conditions; the origin of life and other adventures

Ediacara; A formal welcome to the world of animals


How do geologists interpret ancient environments Series

How Geologists Interpret Ancient Environments #1. Getting started

How Geologists Interpret Ancient Environments #2. Ruffles and Desiccation

How Geologists Interpret Ancient Environments #3. A Philosophical Interlude

How Geologists Interpret Ancient Environments #4. Someone passed by this way – Tracks, trails, impressions and foot prints

How Geologists Interpret Ancient Environments #5. Sand to Stone = Sandstone; A remarkable Transformation

How Geologists Interpret Ancient Environments #6. When Time Goes Missing

How Geologists Interpret Ancient Environment. #7 Budget Surpluses and Budget Deficits

How Geologists Interpret Ancient Environments.  #8 A Forty Million Year Old Fossil Forest

How Geologists Interpret Ancient Environment, #9. The Oil Kitchen Rules

Marrying Fossils, Isotopes and Geological Time

Throwing the celestial dice

Submarine landslides; danger lurks in the ocean deep

When nature casually flicks a finger at us

Liquefaction; more than a sloppy puddle at the beach

A Gaggle of Goose Barnacles

Biomarkers; forensic tools for hydrocarbon fingerprinting

The (not so) Great Dying; Permian extinctions

Burnt soles: black sand beaches in New Zealand

Darwin Day, with apologies to Abraham Lincoln



Measures of temperature in the bowels of the earth

When North becomes South; the flip-side of earth’s magnetic field

Striped oceans and drifting continents

It only takes a moment; the ups and downs of earthquakes

There are two sides to every fault

Tsunamis behave as shallow-water waves


Planetary geology

Mainly stuff in the Solar System

Comets; portents of doom or icy bits of space jetsam?

Sand dunes but no beach; A Martian breeze

A watery Mars: Canals, a duped radio audience, and geological excursions


Climate change; A geological perspective

Sea-level change; busting a few myths

Walking to Great Barrier Island; going to the beach 20000 years ago

Out of Sight But no Longer out of Mind; Hidden Sources of Carbon Dioxide and Methane

The Sea Level Equation

Geological Trappings: Carbon Capture and Storage

The Bubbles That Changed our Perspective on the World’s Climate

The crosses I bear

Astronomy, cycles and climate change

The fate of oceanic islands

CO2 – the Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent

The greenhouse advantage

A burp and a hiccup; the volcanic contribution of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere


Groundwater – Hydrogeology

Whiskey is for drinkin’; water is for fightin!

The Architecture of Connected Holes; A Different Way to Look at the Liquid Earth

“My water well taps into an underground river” and other myths

Coastal aquifers; groundwater at sea

Groundwater contamination; messing around with aquifers

Landslide! How groundwater affects the stability of slopes

GRACE meets LANDSAT; Eyes in the sky monitoring long-terms changes in water resources

A misspent youth serves to illustrate groundwater flow

Contrails, analogies, and visualizing groundwater flow


Science in Context; comments on social and art contexts

Science in a Social Context; 1859-1920

Dali Wasn’t Nuts; Creativity in Science

Peer review, scientific integrity and community; a comment


A very British Library

The life of a Tuscan wall

Galileo’s finger

A measure of the universe: Renaissance slide-rules and heavenly spheres

Class 5; Geology for Kayakers

#1 Kaituna River, New Zealand

#2 Huka Falls, New Zealand

#3 Kawarau River, New Zealand

#4 In The Shadow of The Volcano

#5 Surf rolls and cartwheels; Surf kayaking at Raglan, New Zealand

#6 Paddling Columbia’ ancient rivers over granite

The falls and cataracts of Li Phi, southern Laos



The Geology of our Kitchen Bench

Kid’s Stuff

TIME travel for Kids

Sciencey things for kids (young and old) to do at the beach

Make your own meteorite crater – comparing experiment with the real world