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Herein you will find posts on Earth sciences, especially geology, Art and Science, Scicomm and other digressions.  Check out the Compendium of Posts, or just head to the latest post addition

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A Murex tattoo

Nitrates in excess; a burgeoning, global contamination problem

Subcutaneous oceans on distant moons; Enceladus and Jupiter

Lahars; train-wreck geology

Overture to a cave; the spectacle of jointing in ancient basalt lava flows

Dirt; Soil degradation is a global problem we inflict on ourselves

Near Earth Objects; the database designed to save humanity

The origin of life; Panspermia, meteorites, and a bit of luck

Class 5: The Toba eruption – how a super volcano almost stopped humanity in its tracks

The intriguing paradox of global warming piggybacking on  global cooling

A greener Earth; Earth’s vegetation is responding to increasing atmospheric CO2

Hold a ‘0’ to the light and look through it – there is nothing, and everything

Springs and seeps

In praise of field work

Io; Zeus’s fancy and Jupiter’s moon

An Italian job; seismic risk-assessment at risk


Life on Mars; what are we searching for?

Sliced thin; the unfolding story of sandstone

Sliced thin; time and process recorded in igneous rocks

Sliced thin; kaleidoscopes with a geological purpose


The earth moved; GPS, earthquakes, and slow-slip


The brutality of Surtsey’s laboratory

So, adding CO2 does increase surface heating; how science has filled another gap in our knowledge

Volcanism does not cause glaciations; lets turn this statement on its head






A burp and a hiccup; the volcanic contribution of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere






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